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About me

β€œIt is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

β€” Alfred Eisenstaedt

Who Am I

I have had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember. I started by buying an old 35mm camera way back when I was a kid. Although I was far from being a professional, the passion for taking pictures was born. Throughout my life, as I grew, my passions changed, as would with any kid trying to find their way in life. Recently, the passion was reborn and I have been working hard at perfecting my craft. In addition to photography, I also coach Volleyball for both High School as well as Club. It was the moment I began to create the 'sportraits' for my players, that I realized where my expertise had begun to focus.

In addition to sports portraits, I also photograph seniors, families, and couples. I use a Canon camera with a few different lens choices depending on the circumstances of the shoot. I also have professional lighting, but can shoot outdoors in natural light as well. I use a variety of locations, but can come to you as well.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your need for a photographer might be, you can rest assured that I have your best interests in mind and will do my best to help capture the moments you are looking for during your shoot.

What I do

Take a look at the services I offer and what goes into my work.


Also known as Sport Portraits. I use a variety of techniques, including a green screen, to photograph athletes and place them onto scenes that are specific to their sport. In addition, I also photograph live sports as well such as Volleyball, Football, Basketball, etc. There are several ways to capture the heart of your favorite athlete.


"You know you're in love when," is a popular saying among couples. Whether the moments where you stare in each others eyes, the smiles and laughter each of you bring, or even the candid moments that are completely oblivious to everyone else around you. These are the moments that help you know that this is the real deal.


Senior Portraits are one of the most important moments in a Senior Student's life. You want quality work with perfectly captured moments. That's what I strive to do with every shoot.


Families would love to have something special to hang on their walls at home or send to others that may be in a far away land. Let me be the one to provide you with the smiles that capture the perfect moment.